Monday, February 4, 2013

Prediction Results

A follow-up to Saturday's predictions.  Individual results don't mean much, but it's fun to look at them once in a while:
#3 Indiana by 8 over #1 Michigan
The line on this game was surprisingly low (4.5) maybe because of partisan betting, or because people don't understand HCA.  Anyway, the PM was dead-on, and Indiana won by 8.
#2 Kansas by 9.5 over Oklahoma St.
Oklahoma St. by 5 - a bad loss for Kansas.
#4 Florida by 15 over #16 Ole Miss
Another good call by the PM: Florida by 14.  The PM I think rightly rates Florida much higher than the polls.
#5 Duke by 7 over Florida State
Duke by 19. 
Pittsburgh by 2.5 over #6 Syracuse
Pittsburgh by 10 -- the PM gets the "upset" correct.  This will be viewed as a bad loss for Syracuse, but really shouldn't have been surprising.
#7 Gonzaga by 18 over San Diego
 Gonzaga by 2, with a last-second shot required to avoid what would have been a big upset.
 #8 Arizona by 8 over Washington St
 Arizona by 14.
 #9 Butler by 15 over Rhode Island
 Butler by 7.  Not a good showing at home against 4-10 Rhode Island.
 #10 Oregon by 3 over California
 California by 4.
 #11 tOSU by 13 over Nebraska
 tOSU by 7.
 #19 NC State by 3 over #14 Miami (FL)
Miami (FL) by 1.  The PM almost calls what would have been a big upset.  (It did get the game right against the line, at least.)  Coach Larranaga is doing a nice job in his second year.
#15 Wichita State by 4 over UNI
UNI by 5.  A nice win for UNI, who has been inconsistent this season, but sometimes very good.
#17 Missouri by 19 over Auburn
Missouri by 14.  Close enough :-)
Oklahoma by 1/2 over #18 Kansas St
Kansas State by 2.  This looked to be the closest game in the Top Twenty and delivered.
#20 New Mexico by 13 over Nevada
New Mexico by 20.  The PM rounds out the Top Twenty with another bullseye.

So overall the PM went 10-5 and called 5 games within 5 points.

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