Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prediction Recap

#2 Miami (FL) @ Wake Forest:  Miami by 7
Miami gets pummeled by Wake Forest, losing by 15.   Even though Miami was overrated at #2, this is an inexplicable loss.  Wake Forest is not a terrible team, but this is the sort of game you need to win to compete with the Dukes and North Carolinas.  You certainly don't want to be blown out.  At 13-1, Miami remains in control of the ACC race, but they'll likely lose at Duke, so dropping another game would be disastrous.
San Diego @ #3 Gonzaga:  Gonzaga by 24
Gonzaga at least holds true to form, winning by 31.
Arkansas @ #5 Florida: Florida by 17
Florida wins by ... 17.  A solid performance.  At some point the AP voters will figure out that Florida is really strong.
#11 Georgetown @ #8 Syracuse:  Syracuse by 10
Georgetown has been improving over the last half of the season, but beating Syracuse at home by 11 points is still very impressive.
TCU @ #9 Kansas:  Kansas by 25
Kansas by ... 26.  TCU didn't put up much of a struggle.
Seton Hall @ #10 Louisville:   Louisville by 17
Louisville by ... 18.

On the undercard, both teams that vaulted into the Prediction Machine's Top Twenty this week won big games.  St. Louis beat #15 Butler to sweep the season series.  St. Louis lost the first half, so the PM won't be overly impressed, but the win should keep St. Louis solidly in the Top Twenty.  Kansas State beat Texas -- not a tough task -- to keep on track for a season-ending showdown with Oklahoma State which may decide the Big-12 regular season champion.


  1. Regarding Florida the odds def agree with your PM and not the AP. Have you checked the PM's ratings vs the current odds to win the tournament?

    1. No, I haven't, but it would be an interesting exercise.

    2. 3 books current (as of today) odds if you happen to need them