Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Bottom Ten

I'm home for a snow day courtesy of the "Snowquester" so for fun I thought I'd take a look at the ten worst teams in NCAA Div I:

10S. Carolina St.-36
9Fair. Dickinson-36
6Miss. Valley St.-41
5New Orleans-45
4Alabama A&M-46
3MD Eastern Shore-50
1Grambling St.-134

What's remarkable here is: (1) How terrible Grambling State is, and (2) How terrible the SWAC is.

Grambling State is 0-27 and has failed to break 40 points twice this season.  Perhaps more amazingly, they've lost to #7 MVSU by 22 and to #5 Alabama A&M by 25.  They lost a pre-season game to Auburn -- who is dead last in the SEC -- by 50 points.  No other team in the nation has won less than three games.  So this is an awesome level of ineptitude.

If Grambling State played at Florida, the Gators would be favored to win by almost 70 points. 

And when your conference has 3 of the ten worst teams in the nation, your conference ain't very good either.  The conference as a whole is 1-45 against teams in the top 100.   The best team in the conference is Texas Southern, and they would be dead last in most of the power conferences. 

It makes you wonder whether the NCAA needs a relegation system.

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