Monday, March 11, 2013

Machine Madness?

In recent years, Danny Tarlow and Lee-Ming Zen have run the "Machine Madness" contest for computer predictors.  They've gotten a late start this year and I'd forgotten to remind them, but we can probably still pull something together if there is interest.

If you are interested in competing, check out the Machine March Madness Google Group and indicate your interest. 

I've posted an initial data dump for the season here.  It's in the form of a Google Spreadsheet, but you can download it as Excel or a .csv file.  This should be the team-level roll-up of the box score, e.g.,  Naming of the columns is hopefully obvious -- the H prefix means the home team and the A prefix means the away team.  Let me know if you find any problems.


  1. I'll join again, had fun last year.

  2. Great, Monte! There's some initial traffic in the Google Group:!forum/machine-march-madness


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