Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Review

Iowa at #1 Indiana:  Indiana by 14
Portland at #2 Gonzaga: Gonzaga by 26
Rutgers at #7 Georgetown: Georgetown by 12
Alabama at #8 Florida: Florida by 15
Indiana by 13,  Gonzaga by 29, Georgetown by 13, Florida by 12.  Four out of seven predictions within one basket.  The PM is often eerily accurate.
#5 Miami at #3 Duke: Duke by 9
Duke by 3, thanks to a massive performance by newly-returned Brian Kelley.   Given that this was at Cameron, it's clear that on a neutral court Miami is better than Duke.  The question is why Miami dropped a game to Wake and struggled against Clemson, and how they'll respond in the Tournament.
WVU at #6 Kansas:  Kansas by 15
Kansas wins by 26 in a game that turned into a rout.
More interesting will be #10 Louisville @ #12 Syracuse, where Louisville will have a good chance (~40%) of pulling the upset. 
And so they do, winning by 5.
Other good games outside of the Top Ten include Arizona at UCLA and Clemson at Virginia Tech, both of which are coin flips.
UCLA had a comfortable lead for much of the second half against an Arizona team that wasn't playing very smart basketball but still had some chances at the end.  Clemson outplayed Tech in the second half and got it close but couldn't get the win.

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