Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday Recap

After writing Saturday's predictions, I found a bug in the Prediction Machine. But as it turned out, Saturday was one of those crazy days where a broken predictor might have done better!
Loyola Marymount @ #1 Gonzaga:  Gonzaga by 10
Gonzaga by 18.  Gonzaga seems to be one of the few teams rolling into the tournament.
#3 Duke @ UNC: UNC by 3
Duke may be another.  They won by 16 in a game where UNC was out of it from the opening tip-off.
#4 Kansas @ Baylor:  Kansas by 1
I warned of a potential upset in this game, but I didn't think Baylor would win by 23 (!?)
#17 Syracuse @ #5 Georgetown: Georgetown by 1
Another potential upset on Georgetown's home floor, but Syracuse doesn't show up -- scoring only 39 (!?!) points and losing by 22.  This victory alone might get Georgetown a #1 seed.
Clemson @ #6 Miami (FL): Miami by 6
Miami wins by 13 to continue their up-and-down season.
#24 Notre Dame @ #8 Louisville:  Louisville by 8
Louisville wins by 16.  Notre Dame is really struggling, with 6 losses in the last two months.
#9 Kansas St @ #13 Oklahoma St: Oklahoma St by 4
Oklahoma State wins by 6.

Not a great week for the Prediction Machine forecasting the Top Ten games, but then, it wasn't the only predictor being driven crazy by this season's unpredictability.

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