Monday, March 24, 2014

Machine March Madness Update

The Machine March Madness competition ended up with 9 competitors.  After 32 games, the current leader is "T.D." with a fairly commanding 9 point lead over perennial competitor Monte McNair.  The winner of the bracket may be determined by the final game, where TD has Florida and Monte has Arizona.  Mark & I (in third place) will be overshadowed by TD and Monte, but if Louisville wins the championship then Tim (currently in fifth place) may pick up enough points to win it all.

Here's a quick summary of the Final Four and Champion predictions from the machines:

Team  Final Four Champion
#1 Florida 6 3
#1 Arizona 7 2
#4 Louisville 7 2
#1 Virginia 2 1
#2 Villanova 4 0
#4 Michigan State 2 0
#2 Kansas 2 0
#2 Wisconsin 2 0
#1 Wichita State 2 0
#3 Syracuse 1 0
#3 UNC 1 0

Florida-Arizona is the clear favorite for the championship game.  The predictors also seem to agree that the committee under-estimated Louisville and Michigan State, while over-estimating Wichita State and Virginia.

More to come from the competitors in the next few days.

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