Monday, March 31, 2014

Final Four Predictions

The Prediction Machine did pretty well on the Sweet Sixteen games.  I think it would have missed many of the Elite Eight games, but I didn't actually run it so we'll never know.  For the first two games of the Final Four:

#1 Florida vs. #7 Connecticut:  Florida by 5.5

I think most people would agree that Connecticut is the weakest of the Final Four teams.  Florida meanwhile has been rolling along quietly taking care of business.  Short of an abnormal shooting night from one or both of the teams, I don't think UConn has much chance in this game.

#2 Wisconsin vs. #8 Kentucky:  Toss-up
Before watching the Kentucky-Michigan game, I thought Wisconsin was playing the best basketball of any of the contenders.  Now I'm not so sure.  Kentucky has been nearly unstoppable on offense throughout the Tournament, and the fabled freshmen have been impervious to the pressure.  Still, the Wildcats may be vulnerable if they get stymied enough on offense (as they did a couple of times this year against Florida), and Bo Ryan's team is certainly capable of applying the defensive pressure.  But even so, Wisconsin is going to have to be very efficient on the offensive end to stay even with the Wildcats.

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