Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Final Four Predictions

I've been busy enjoying the Tournament and the discussions over at Kaggle, but I thought I'd take some time to run predictions for the Final Four.

#7 MSU vs. #1 Duke:  Duke by 3.5 points
MSU has had (another) amazing Tournament run, but my predictor still considers them the weakest team in the field by a substantial margin.
#1 Wisconsin vs. #1 Kentucky:  UK by 1.5 points
The predictor agrees with most pundits that Wisconsin is the second best team, and the most likely to knock off UK.  1.5 points is basically a toss-up.  Wisconsin's ratings rose slightly following a good win over Arizona, and UK's dropped after a relatively poor performance against Notre Dame.
#1 Duke vs. #1 Kentucky: UK by 4.0 points
 This is not a toss-up -- UK has a solid edge in this game.
The other possible final game matchups:
#7 MSU vs. #1 Kentucky:  UK by 8 points
#1 Duke vs. #1 Wisconsin: Wisconsin by 1 point
#7 MSU vs. #1 Wisconsin: Wisconsin by 5 points
I don't think MSU has much of a chance against Kentucky, but all the other matchups should be pretty even.


  1. Let's go Badgers!!! I want that imaginary Machine Madness trophy!

  2. Good luck, Brandon! I was out when Arizona lost :-(