Monday, March 23, 2015

Machine Madness Update

I'm just back from watching UCLA win two games in Louisville and am not yet caught up, but here's a quick update from the Machine Madness side of the competition.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Monte McNair leads the competition with 56 points and I suspect will win if Kentucky wins out.  (Monte's in the Top Ten in the Kaggle competition right now.)   BlueFool is in second place just a point behind Monte and the only competitor with Duke as champion, so she'll likely win if that happens.  Jason Sumpter is in third place but has Kentucky as champion, so he'll need some breaks to beat out Monte -- specifically, I think he needs Xavier to beat Wisconsin.

Nothing But Neural Net (great name, btw) is the only competitor with Wisconsin as champion.  Likewise I'm the only competitor with Arizona, so obviously we'll be rooting for those teams to win out. 


  1. I've added the Scenarios to the site. You are correct, if Duke, Wisconsin, or Arizona win it all, BlueFool, Nothing But Neural Net, or you (respectively) will likely win. However, if Kentucky wins, it's essentially a 4-team race between myself, sadz, Ishmael, and StatCoach. Unfortunately I've left myself vulnerable with my Iowa St, Villanova, and Virginia elite 8 picks. Should be a fun finish.

  2. Glad you liked the name.. Sadly no Neural Nets involved in the actual model, but I couldn't resist. This has been a lot of fun so far! Hope you had a great time in Louisville!