Monday, February 24, 2014

Predictions Recap (2/19)

It was not a great week for the PM's predictions!

#23 UCLA @ Cal

Cal is a bare favorite at home.

UCLA won by 20 (!).  Good for my Bruins, although they blew it later against Stanford. 
#5 Duke @ UNC:  Duke +4

Duke lost by 8.
#1 Syracuse @ #5 Duke:  Duke +10

Coming off the inexplicable loss to BC, Syracuse loses to Duke by 6, although that number was artificially inflated by Boeheim's meltdown.  Not a good week for Duke, and they'll probably drop in the PM's rankings.
#11 Louisville @ #7 Cincinnati:  Louisville +4

Louisville is underrated by the AP and Cincinnati is overrated.

Louisville squeaks out a 1 point win.
#19 Texas @ #8 Kansas:  Kansas +10

Despite the scare at Texas Tech, Kansas should handle Texas without any problems.

Kansas by 31.  I tuned in during the first half and wondered if there was a scoreboard malfunction -- it was 46-18 at the half.
#16 Wisconsin @ #15 Iowa: Iowa +7

Road records in the B10 have been crazy, so I'm hesitant to put much faith in this prediction.

Wisely, as Wisconsin wins by 5.  Wisconsin has been steadily improving since the lost to Northwestern.
San Jose State @ SDSU:  SDSU +29

VT @ Duke is also going to be a blowout.

I accidentally looked too far ahead for these blowouts -- both games will be this week.

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