Monday, February 3, 2014

(1/27) Predictions Recap

#11 Oklahoma State @ #25 Oklahoma:  Oklahoma State by 2
#24 Baylor @ #11 Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State by 17

Oklahoma beats OK State by 12 (!) for their 3rd win over a ranked opponent in the last six games, and then Baylor beats OK State by 6 (!).  So apparently the PM's assessment of OK State was *way* off. 
#18 Duke @ #20 Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh +4
#18 Duke @ #2 Syracuse: Syracuse +3

Duke gets a resume win (+15) at Pittsburgh, and loses by 2 in OT at Syracuse.  (The PM had Duke as a slight favorite in the Syracuse game after the win at Pitt.)  Two really solid performances for Duke that should boost them in the standings.
#3 MSU @ #10 Iowa: Iowa +6

Iowa took MSU to OT before losing by 2. 
#14 Kentucky @ LSU:  Toss-up

This could be a "trap" game for Kentucky's freshmen.

I hate to tell you so, but I told you so.  LSU by 5.
#16 Iowa St. @ #8 Kansas: Kansas +6

Kansas +9.  But ISU came back on Saturday to get a nice win over Oklahoma.
#15 Cincy @ #11 Louisville: Louisville +15

Cincinnati with the big upset +3.  Not a good home loss for Louisville!
#17 tOSU @ #9 Wisconsin:  Wisconsin +6

These two teams have been racing each other to be the first to drop off the Top Twenty, but one of them will have to win.  Probably the home team.

Or not.  tOSU escapes with a 1 point victory.  They're both 2-5 over the last 7 games.
UCF @ #11 Louisville:  Louisville by 25

Louisville by 17. 
Houston Baptist @ Lamar

Lamar won by 2 points on a layup with 8 seconds to go... about as close a toss-up as you could ask!

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