Sunday, February 16, 2014

Predictions Recap (2/10)

#10 Michigan @ tOSU:  OSU +4

Michigan wins pretty handily (+10) to continue the B10's chaos.  The road records in the B10 are crazy.

#19 Oklahoma State @ #15 Texas

Oklahoma State has four straight losses and Marcus Smart is out.  Texas is coming off an embarrassing loss to KSU.  Anything could happen, but with the absence of Smart I'll give Texas the nod.

Texas +9.  Losing Smart probably didn't hurt Ok State much in this game.  Texas just shot lights out in the first half.
#1 Syracuse @ #25 Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh +3

Syracuse wins on a last second thirty-five footer from Ennis.  This will cement Syracuse as a favorite in the eyes of the media, but in reality it's not that surprising a result.
#11 Duke @ UNC:  Duke +5

Anything can happen in this rivalry...
Although I would not have predicted a weather-induced postponement between two campuses within spitting distance of each other.

#1 Arizona @ ASU:  Arizona +6

ASU is undoubtedly the best 18-6 team in the country, but they have a big job to beat Arizona even at home.

A big job, indeed.  It took them two overtimes.
#3 Florida @ #18 Kentucky:  Kentucky +5

Florida wins handily (+10) which has to be seen as something of a setback for Cal's boys.
#24 Memphis @ #22 Connecticut:  UConn +4

This should be a good game between two very evenly matched teams.

Indeed!  UConn manages to win by 5 in OT.

Rutgers @ Louisville:  Louisville +27

This will not be pretty.
That might have been an understatement.  Louisville by 48 (!).

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