Monday, April 7, 2014

Machine March Madness Winner: Congratulations to Monte McNair!

Apparently none of the competitors in the Machine March Madness have either Kentucky or Connecticut winning the final game, so the contest has been decided, and the winner is Monte McNair with 108 points and 40 correct picks.

(Note that we did have one Machine March Madness competitor who did better than Monte -- "TD" -- but since he never contacted me to explain his entry, he has been disqualified.)
Congratulations to Monte who continues to be one of the strongest competitors year after year.  (Although unfortunately something went wrong for him in the semi-final games in the Kaggle contest, where he dropped from the top ten to 44!)


  1. Wow, this is like winning the NIT! Tough year for the machines.

    My Kaggle submission was hurt big time by the Wisconsin loss, as I had them as the 3rd best team in the nation. I think I had the 3rd-highest win % for Wisconsin over UK.

  2. I wondered what hurt your entry so much. Too bad Wisconsin didn't win, you'd probably have vaulted up into the top five!


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