Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NCAA Basketball Schedule Data

I have provide on this page links to a file containing the currently published schedule of games for the upcoming basketball season.  I scraped this today from Yahoo Sports so it may be missing some games that have not yet been scheduled, tournament games, etc.  The format is self-explanatory and designed for easy ingest by Lisp, but should be easily translated to CSV or other format.  All fields are enclosed with quotes for easy parsing.

At the same page I've also provided a listing of conferences and team names.  The team names correspond to the names used in the schedule and on Yahoo Sports.  This is the same conference file I used last year -- I don't believe there have been any conference changes, but if so let me know and I'll update the file.


  1. There are a few conference changes. Pac-12 adds Colorado and Utah, as one example. This is a good list:

  2. Duh! I'm a UCLA grad and I completely forgot about that. My processing actually ignores what conference a team is in -- I really only care whether a team is Div 1 or not. But I'll update my conferences data.


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