Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kaggle Competition is Back for 2016

I've been remiss about posting to the blog, but I thought I'd share that a little birdie hinted to me that the Kaggle Competition will be back again this year, with perhaps some new twists.  So keep your predictors warmed up.

I'm undecided whether I'm going to provide "Steal My Entry" again this year, but I might be interested in a private collaborative effort. In particular my thought is to merge an entry from my predictor -- which mostly focuses on regular-season games -- with a predictor that has specifically been trained on tournament games.  I'll provide my model's game predictions for all the tournament games back to 2009, and then you train a tournament-specific model using my predictions along with any other information you think is valuable (e.g., team seedings, locations, etc.).  Contact me if that sounds interesting -- and this isn't an exclusive offer, I'm happy to collaborate with multiple folks either individually or as part of a larger group.

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