Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Twenty (1/6)

1 Oklahoma St. 34.72
2 Louisville 33.68
3 Arizona 33.26
4 Ohio St. 33.08
5 Iowa St. 33.05
6 Arkansas 32.66
7 Kentucky 32.15
8 Iowa 32.14
9 Villanova 32.12
10 Creighton 32.05
11 Duke 31.99
12 Michigan 31.65
13 Gonzaga 31.39
14 Michigan St. 31.27
15 Syracuse 31.26
16 Cincinnati 31.21
17 Wisconsin 31.17
18 Arizona St. 31.15
19 UCLA 30.97
20 Colorado 30.94

Oklahoma State lost ground in the #1 spot but not enough (yet) to fall behind Louisville.  Big movers this week were Gonzaga shooting up from below the Top Twenty to #13 and Arizona St. dropping 8 spots to #18.  Gonzaga still hasn't played any really good teams, but has won its last three games by a minimum of 22 points.    Arizona State meanwhile lost a game to #98 Washington and was penalized accordingly.  Also new to the Top Twenty are Michigan State -- vaulting almost as far as Gonzaga on the basis of the solid win against Indiana -- and UCLA -- being rewarded for demolishing USC and also I give them an extra point (*).   Cincinnati and Wisconsin continue to climb steadily, while Arkansas and Colorado are sinking.
(*) Just kidding.

#3 tOSU @ #5 Michigan State:  Toss-up

The toss-up of the week is also the first AP Top-25 matchup of the week.  A slight hair of an advantage goes to MSU in what should be a typical BigTennish contest.
#7 Baylor @ #9 Iowa St:  ISU by 12

The PM has ISU just on the edge of the really top-notch teams and Baylor down at #30, so it's no surprise it predicts an easy home victory for ISU.
#23 Illinois @ #4 Wisconsin: Wisc by 9

Illinois beat Indiana last week, so they're the ranked team, but not nearly as good as Wisconsin.
#1 Arizona @ UCLA:  Arizona by 2
The PM believes in UCLA, and home court is going to be worth something, but Arizona should still manage to win this game.
#24 Memphis @ #12 Louisville: Louisville by 18

Memphis's loss to Cincinnati suggests that even at #24 the AP is over-rating them.

Minnesota @ #5 MSU:  MSU by 5

This game might be closer than expected, and MSU may be down if they lost to tOSU.  Go Gophers!
#25 Kansas St @ #18 Kansas: Kansas by 9

Should be a routine win for Kansas, but they have a trap game earlier in the week @ Oklahoma that they might lose.
#21 Missouri @ Auburn:  Missou by 2

If Auburn can pull off the upset, it will be some consolation for the Auburn fans grieving about Monday night's loss.
Northwestern @ Iowa: Iowa by 22
Not a lot of blowouts predicted for this week.


  1. Replies
    1. And the Tossup of the Week went to overtime, predicted both ISU and Arizona within 1 basket, predicted that Minnesota vs. MSU might be closer than expected -- it also went to OT. So a good week for the PM :-)

    2. Yes :) I've seen a lot of predictors but this one is in my top 3. Being a student of math the whole concept intrigued me!! I went through every single post and I must say I'm more than impressed!! Keep on rolling :) Who knows..someday PM might end up getting a 100% for a whole season. Good Luck.