Monday, August 22, 2011

The Development Cycle

My development cycle seems to go something like this:

  Work on content --> Clean up code --> Remove impediments --+
        ^                                                    |
        |                                                    |

(Excuse the 1970s typewriter graphics...)  I'm in the latter half of the cycle right now, re-factoring my Lisp code to make it better organized & maintainable, and also addressing some little impediments in my tools (primarily on the Emacs / Lisp end). 

Lee Ming was also nice enough to scrape the rest of the 2010-2011 basketball season, so I also spent some time incorporating that into my test data.  Lee's archive is missing about 10% of the games over the course of the season -- and that's comparing it to my independent scrape, which I know is missing games.  Lee is taking a look at why he's missing games, but it's frustratingly hard to get a good, complete data set scraping Yahoo!.  If anyone knows somebody at Yahoo! that we can bug to have a dataset released (or to set up an API for the scores), please let me know!

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