Friday, July 15, 2011


I've been remiss in posting lately. Mostly because it is summer time and I've simply had less time to work on this topic. But also because I've been doing some ground work for the next stage of analysis. All the work I've done here so far has used only game outcomes, and I've been able to use the excellent and complete set of game scores collected by Lee over at Number Crunching Life.  However, for the next stage of analysis I want to look at game statistics like Field Goal Percentage, Offensive Rebounds, etc.  I have partially collected these stats for the last two seasons, but I need to quality-check the data I have, fill in missing games and so on.  I have a crawler written using Web Harvest but it seems to sporadically miss games.  The crawler from Lee is written in C#, and doesn't do exactly what I want, which presents it's own problems.

I should probably also fire off an email to the folks at Yahoo! Sports and see if they won't just make an archive available in some convenient format.

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